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Treat yourself and
your family to the
best water quality!


Soft Chlor™ has one of the largest range of saltwater chlorinators in the United States. Soft Chlor™ has put over 30 years into the research and development of salt water chlorinators. We lead the industry in technology.

Electrolytic Cell
Converts salt + water to chlorine

SOFT CHLOR is a high-performance salt chlorination system that lets you enjoy crystal-clear pool water without harsh chemicals. It is a safe, clean, easy alternative to dosing your pool with hazardous, expensive and messy chlorine granules, tablets, liquid or gas. SOFT CHLOR improves your pool water quality using harmless salt.

Why use SOFT CHLOR...
Salt is a natural antiseptic and greatly reduces the eye, ear and skin problems which can be caused by conventional chlorine. At only 1/7th the salinity of sea water, the water has a luxurious feel that is kind to eyes and allergy sufferers. SOFT CHLOR is better and safer for the whole family.


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